Kampong Chicken in Slow-simmered Black Pepper Stew (500g) 特制黑椒甘榜鸡

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Using only the freshest kampong chicken! Slow simmered and braised to perfection. Using carefully selected peppercorns which are round and dense, the fragrance of the black pepper together with the vegetables are infused and locked into the chicken meat during the slow simmering process. This makes the meat extremely tender and juicy. You can also drink or drizzle the stew onto your rice and it's the perfect meal! It’s extremely appetising. Super delicious! Must try

The Kampong chicken is free from antibiotics as certified by HFAC, lower in fats, sodium content and cholesterol. 

TIPS: You can add in your favourite vegetables, tofu and egg to the stew while heating up and it’s the best well-rounded meal!

Convenient - Simply heat up (heat in pot over low heat for 8 – 10min, stirring occasionally /microwave 5 – 8 min) and enjoy! (Due to variances in cooking appliances, reheating time serves as a guide only)!

Note: 500g is half a chicken