Exclusive Mini Mooncake Gift Set (8-in-1) 特制迷你月饼礼盒(8合1)

$28.80 $38.80

The 8-in-1 mooncake set comes in an exquisite gift box and carrier bag. 

8 flavours:

- Bamboo Longan 竹炭桂圆

- Less Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk 少糖单黄白莲蓉

- Durian  榴莲

- Chocolate 巧克力

- Less Sugar White Lotus 少糖白莲蓉

- Custard Pandan 翡翠奶黄

- Green Tea Cranberry 绿茶蔓越莓

- Mix Nuts 五仁 

Each mooncake is individually wrapped and weighs 80g.