Braised Kampong Chicken with Mushroom and Chestnut 香菇栗子甘榜鸡 (500g)

$10.80 $11.80

Using the freshest Kampong Chicken, premium dried mushrooms and chestnuts. This dish is slow-braised for 2 and a half hours, together with dried mushrooms and chestnuts. The chicken meat is extremely tender and is suitable for all ages! 

The Kampong chicken is free from antibiotics as certified by HFAC, lower in fats, sodium content and cholesterol. 

Convenient - Simply heat up (steam for 7 - 8min / microwave 3 - 5  min) and enjoy! (Due to variances in cooking appliances, reheating time serves as a guide only)!

Note: 500g is half a chicken