Kampong Chicken with Ginger Sauce 姜蓉甘榜鸡 (400g)

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Each packet comes with half a steamed kampong chicken (local chicken, which is free from antibiotics and growth hormones) and a packet of Ginger Scallion Sauce. The Steamed Kampong Chicken’s skin is springy while the meat is soft, juicy, and silky smooth. It also comes with a handmade Ginger Scallion Sauce! This. The ginger used are specially selected young ginger, and are slowly peeled and minced by hand to ensure that the fragrant of the ginger are all well marinated into the sauce. Coupled with top-grade sesame oil, the Ginger Scallion sauce is absolutely heavenly! You can pair the Steamed Kampong Chicken and handmade Ginger Scallion Sauce together with lettuce and sliced cucumber for the extra crunch.
Convenient - Simply heat up (steam 5- 6 min /microwave 3min) and enjoy! (Due to variances in cooking appliances, reheating time serves as a guide only)!